Bankniftyoption is technical advisory firm created to provide unbiased stock/share market technical trading tips or trading advisory with the aim of protecting the innocent traders who invest their hard earned money in the rich man’s game, i.e. stock market, without any basic knowledge and not knowing the nuances of stock market game, especially in the area of option trading. Bankniftyoption is headed by a professionally qualified and well knowledgeable independent Research Analyst in the hare/stock market with 15 years investment experience and more dedicated with full time devotion in the field of technical research in the stock market since 2005. We have done an in- depth technical research analysis on the nifty and bankniftyoption movements and has a success rate of 90-96% on the technical tips/calls consistently.

Bankniftyoption is not offering any FREE TRIAL in any of our Guidance, as per the SEBI direction. Moreover, no one can judge any trading strategy with one or two days trial hence, please avoid to ask the Free Trial.


Our company bankniftyoption mission is to protect the innocent trader who are loosing their hard earned money in the rich man’s game i.e Stock Markert, by giving unbiased trading Guidance.


The vision of Our company bankniftyoption is to become a top leading advisory company to boost the confiidence among the traders/members with respect to safety and security.